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7 pavilion, CEC «Expocenter», Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 14

About Exhibition 2017

"Football Market" returns to Moscow
XV International Exhibition and Conference will be held in the days of the draw for the final stage of the 2018 World Cup

From 30 November to 2 December 2017 in "Expocenter" on Krasnaya Presnya XV international specialized exhibition and conference "Football Market" will be held.

"Football Market" is a unique meeting place for professionals in the football industry, representatives of clubs, regions, football centers, federations, manufacturers and suppliers. The exhibition concentrates on all the best and advanced in the football industry - from the latest technologies to the offers of companies providing a variety of services relating to the sport of football. 

The main topics of the conference this year will be preparations for the World Cup 2018, the effective operation of stadiums, marketing and management of football clubs, technology and innovation in football, sports law, football agency activity and more.

The guests of the exhibition: Experts of the football industry, international and regional professional clubs, heads of sports and training centers, federations and associations of FIFA will be the guests of the exhibition and in the evening of December 1, 2017 will meet in the Kremlin at the final draw of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The audience of "Football Market" are state structures and public organizations, football clubs, design and construction organizations, equipment manufacturers, gear, premium and gift products, investors and sponsors, sports medical centers, consulting companies, professional educational institutions and organizers of sports events. The exhibition also invited leading producers and specialists who organize pre-match entertainment events and concerts in stadiums.

Over the long history of the "Football Market", hundreds of companies from more than 30 countries took part in the exhibition. The guests of the conference in different years were Vitaly Mutko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation on the issues of sport, tourism and youth policy; Lennart Johansson, the Swedish football functionary, former President of UEFA; Jérôme Valcke, former General Secretary of FIFA; Mauricio Macri, the President of Argentina, former President of football club Boca Juniors; Jeff Thompson, Chairman of the dispute resolution Chamber of FIFA from the UK, the former head of the English football Association; Hank Markerink, chief Executive officer of the stadium "Amsterdam arena Advisory"; Alexey Sorokin, CEO of the organizing Committee "Russia-2018"; Vyacheslav Koloskov, Honorary President of the RFU and honorary member of FIFA; Sergey Pryadkin, RFPL President and others.

For the first time, within the framework of the exhibition and conference "Football Market", the Transfer Market workshop will be held, at which working meetings will be conducted by football agents, breeders, sports directors and other representatives of the professional community. Participants in the seminar will be able to expand business contacts, assess business prospects, strengthen existing relations and image in the international arena.

In addition, the event will feature an exhibition of the best works "Football in the Arts" of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum of the Russian Academy of Arts.

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Конкурс «Футбол в искусстве» на выставке «Футбол Маркет»

Учащиеся Московского академического художественного лицея при Российской академии художеств станут участниками творческого конкурса на тему «Футбол в искусстве», который пройдет в рамках предстоящей 30 ноября – 2 декабря 2017 года в Москве XV-й Международной выставки футбольной индустрии «Футбол Маркет».

Об этом стало известно сегодня после встречи организатора выставки президента группы компаний «Футбол Маркет» Юрия Белоуса и и.о. директора лицея Дмитрия Губанова. Они выступили перед учащимися и преподавателями, рассказали об условиях конкурса, сроках его проведения и наградах победителям. На конкурс будут приниматься работы в любом жанре, любой тематики, имеющей отношение к футболу, как живописные, так и скульптурные.

Первый этап конкурса, на котором компетентное жюри проведет предварительный отбор лучших работ, завершится 1 ноября. 20 ноября жюри определит работы, которые будут экспонироваться на выставке «Футбол Маркет» в Экспоцентре на Красной Пресне.

Победители конкурса получат дипломы и подарки от Российского футбольного союза и Российской футбольной премьер-лиги. Их работы войдут также в каталог выставки.

 15 сентября 2017 г.

Yury Belous: "Russian market is interesting for many people"

The organizer of the XV International exhibition "Football Market", which will be held from 30 November to 2 December 2017 in Moscow, spoke about its main topics and perspectives of the Russian football industry in the context of the 2018 World Cup.

- What`s important for holding the successfull exhibition?

- To guess the place and time. Firstly, we will hold the "Football Market" in the Expocenter on Krasnaya Presnya, which is known to all those who involved in the football industry not only in Russia but also abroad. Secondly, the exhibition crosses with the draw for the finals of the World Cup-2018 (December 1), it means that the Kremlin will bring together the representatives of FIFA and the whole football community. We hope that the exhibition will be included in the program of stay of our guests in Russian capital.

- It`s equally important to guess topics. The main topics of "Football Market" 2017 will be the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the transfer market.

- Previous exhibitions included conferences, seminars and round tables dedicated to the transfer market topic. Many leading specialists came with reports, for example, a famous sports lawyer Juan Crespo, who acted in many landmark cases. This year, I expect Jorge Mendes, the agent of Cristiano Ronaldo, Mourinho and other stars. The interest to the workshop showed the President of RFPL Sergey Pryadkin, who is a member of the UEFA Committee on the status of players and agency activity. We have plenty to talk about.

- You`ve recently returned from Manchester, there was an exhibition of the football industry «SoccerEx».

- Curiously, this year's sponsor of the SoccerEx is the LFP. There were stands of Italian Serie A, Portuguese League. All of them received the invitation to the "Football Market". Interesting football business school from Geneva has confirmed participation. There were many representatives of Turkish football at Soccerex. Many of them want to work in Russian market, the transfer market in particular. We receive a lot of proposals from Turkey. Some of recent -  the transfer of Vitaly Dyakov from Dynamo Moscow to Sivasspor FC. Artem Dzyuba had an option to continue his career in Turkey.

- What is the reason of such interest to us?

- 150-million Russian market, FIFA World Cup 2018 enhances interest as well. Everyone understands that it will give a boost to the development of not only football, but of the whole Russian industry. That’s why people go to Moscow.

Sergey Petrov

12 Sep 2017

Football Market gathered journalists from leading Russian media

The president of Football Market company and the organizer of the same named exhibition of football industry Yuri Belous met with journalists of the leading Russian media.

During the press breakfast which took place on Friday in Moscow in the Stag's Head Pub, Yuri Belous spoke about the features of the XVth exhibition, its participants, the main topics and the trip to Manchester where from September 4th to 6th was the largest football exhibition SoccerEx.

According to Belous, the main topics of the Football Market 2017 will be the forthcoming in summer FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 and the world’s and Russian transfer markets, which perspectives will be discussed by the participants in the ongoing Transfermarket seminar. "We have timed the Football Market, which will be held on November 30th - December 2tnd in the Expocenter on Krasnaya Presnya, to the draw of the Final round of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 (on December 1st)," - Belous said. – FIFA representatives and entire football community will gather in Moscow. We hope that the exhibition will be included into the program of our guests that will come to the capital of Russia. "

At the press breakfast, the chef of Stag’s Head Pub Alexander Marchenko told journalists about the peculiarities of the football cuisine of different countries, whose dishes were tasted by the audience.

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Business Program

Preparation for the 

FIFA World Cup 2018

Effective operation of stadiums and arenas

Legal aspects — club, agent, football player

Technology and innovation in football 

Business opportunities of medical centers

Marketing and management of football clubs

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Past exhibitions

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Guests and particapants of past exhibitions

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Vitaly Mutko,
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation for Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy

Футбол Маркет

Din Bonhem,
President of marketing company TheBonhamGroup (USA)

Футбол Маркет
Футбол Маркет

Jerome Valke
former Secretary General of FIFA 

Vyacheslav Koloskov,
Honorary President of the RFU

Футбол Маркет
Футбол Маркет

Yury Krasnozhan,
ex head coach FC «Anzhi», «Lokomotiv», «Kuban»

Yury Luzhkov,
 major of Moscow 1992-2010

Футбол Маркет
Футбол Маркет

Mauricio Macri,
President of Argentina, president FC «Boca Juniours» 1995 – 2008

Henk Markerink,
CEO of  «Amsterdam ArenA » (Netherlands)

Футбол Маркет
Футбол Маркет

Lennart Johansson ,
president of UEFA in 1990-2007

Lars-Christer Olsson,
former UEFA Chief Executive from 2003-2007

Футбол Маркет
Футбол Маркет

Sergey Pryadkin,
RFPL President

Leonid Slutskiy,
Ex Head coach of the national football team Russia and 

PFC CSKA, Head coach of FC «Hull city» 

Футбол Маркет
Футбол Маркет

Alexey Sorokin,
Head of the Organizing Committee  «Russia-2018»

Jeff Thompson,
Head of the English Football Association 1999-2008

Футбол Маркет
Футбол Маркет

Alexander Tukmanov,
president FC  «Torpedo» Moscow, CEO Russian Football 
  Union 1998 - 2005


Heinz Tännler,
 FIFA  General Director for legal issues 2004-2007

Футбол Маркет
Футбол Маркет

Leonid Tyagachev,
 Russian politician, sportsman, and honorary president of the Russian Olympic Committee

Guus Hiddink,
Ex Head coach of national football team Russia

Футбол Маркет


The state structures

Federations and associations

Football clubs

Sports facilities

Design organisations

Consulting companies



Professional institutions

Organizers of sporting events

Manufactures of equipment and outfit

Design and construction organizations

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Футбол Маркет

Companies Group "Football Market" 20 years is engaged in the implementation of projects related to sports and football. Among them:

This unique, unique event in Eastern Europe for companies and professionals aimed at the development of football and the football industry in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The first international exhibition "Football Market 2000" was held in Moscow in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

Exhibitions are an official event of the Russian Football Union and in different years it was supported by UEFA, FIFA, RFPL, FNL and PFL

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For exhibitors

The goals and objectives:

Development of football industry and promotion of football in Russia

Demonstration of products and services of football industry

Unification of football experts and professionals on the one platform

Presentation of innovations and technologies in football

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